1. The activation period for personal shopper is 10 days with purchase above Rm90

2. If the customer intends to become an personal shopper, customer must provide complete personal information such as full name, contact number, email and personal bank information (for transfer commission).

3. When the customers completed the website registration, customer will get a QR code. The QR code will not be repeated or overlap with any other personal shopper.

4. MAURA will bear the shipping cost to whole Malaysia if purchase above RM100.

5. If your address is outside Malaysia, kindly contact customer service MAURA for more accurate shipping fees.

6. MAURA will ship out your parcel within 24 hours from  the time of the payment completed (excluding weekends, Malaysia/state public holidays). Any delay in ship out time, MAURA will issue a notice on social media platform (FACEBOOK, Wechat Official Account, WhatsApp or Instagram).

7. If the personal shopper does not order products above RM90 at MAURA website, the personal shopper will not able to recommend or introduce to their friends and will not have any agent commission.

8. The personal shopper’s customer must place an order at www.maura.com.my

9. Any other platforms, market place or offline payments WILL NOT be counted into the agent commission.

10. When the personal shopper introduce or recommend another customer to place an order on the website, the customer need to use the link agent provided to register before payment.

11. If the customer does not purchase the item through the link provided by the personal shopper, the personal shopper will not be able to get the personal shopper commission from this customer.

No.of Customers Header Commission (RM) 10 People/Lot (RM10/Person) 20 People/Lot (RM20/Person) Total Commission (RM) Personal Shopper's Level (LV)
10 100 100   200 LV 1
20 200   400 600 LV 2
30 300 100 400 800 LV 3
40 400   800 1200 LV 4
50 500 100 800 1400 LV 5
60 600   1200 1800 LV 6
70 700 100 1200 2000 LV 7
80 800   1600 2400 LV 8
90 900 100 1600 2600 LV 9
100 1000   2000 3000 LV 10

12. Commissions are calculated by lot and will be calculated in every 10 days.

13. The number of customers will be recalculated in every 10 days.

14. All personal shopper have different 10 days date. MAURA will calculate each 10 days with the personal shopper based on the date of account registration and the date of the order.

15. The commission will be transferred to the personal shopper’s bank account via online transfer within 7 working days after 10 days.

16. All the bank information will based on the information given during registration. Incomplete/incorrect bank information will result delay in transferring the commission.

17. If the personal shopper encounters any problems during the introducing process, personal shopper can contact MAURA Customer Service at +6 0115116 1788

18. By using this site, you are agree with the MAURA personal shopper Program Policy stated in www.maura.com.my

19. MAURA reserve the right to change the MAURA personal shopper Program policy without prior notice.